Our Story

Hello, Hello!
I'm Denise Willinger, Owner and Founder of Serenity Spa. Nice to virtually meet you!
When I started Serenity in 2003-I honestly just wanted a place to work that had no drama, was beautiful and had a great vibe. So Serenity Skin Care, Inc. was born! I chose a quaint little cottage in Anchorage, Ky to offer Facials, Massage and Nail services. 


Like most businesses, we grew and changed and evolved and became Serenity Spa. In 2015, we moved to our current location-a lovely Victorian building in historic Main Street, Middletown, Kentucky


It is an enticing, private environment where you can receive spa services without the hustle and bustle of a large impersonal salon. My goal has always been to give you the highest quality spa services in an intimate setting to help you find serenity.

We have an amazing staff of Estheticians and Massage Therapists whose focus is on results oriented treatments and products to help you transform your skin, relieve pain and find serenity.

Which brings us to 2020-wow, what a year, right? We are in the midst of a global pandemic, that makes offering in person services more challenging. But Serenity has always been about making things easy for you. So our Shopify Store was born! 

Our goal is to bring our amazing, professional skin care, pain relief and body products, right in to your living room, kitchen or at least your phone!! We've set up Virtual Consultations, where you can get the same advice you would get in an In Person visit, all in the convenience (and Safety!) of your home.

Check out our Blogs, Facebook pagePinterest,  and our Serenity Spa website for more info about us. 

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