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Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, it isn’t enough?

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do, it isn’t enough? I think we’ve all felt that sense of frustration that we didn’t have enough of something. Time, money, energy, stuff. Sometimes the responsibilities of life weigh heavily on our shoulders, and the burden can be more than we can bear. As a massage therapist, it’s my job to tune in to what your needs are on the day that you visit me. I try to put my own needs aside and take the time to really listen to what your body or your heart is in need of at that particular moment. Often, by the time you step in to my office, you are so depleted physically and/or emotionally, that you aren’t even aware of what you need, you just know that something hurts. Sometimes it’s the body, sometimes it’s the mind, but it can also be the soul.

Just yesterday I was blessed with some feedback from a few customers who shared how something I said affected them in a positive way. One customer has 6 children. She had been feeling as if she were always running in circles and was never caught up. During her previous session I was given the words she needed to hear:

“You have enough power and love to do all you need to do, just use your heart and not your mind or your body to do all the work….”

She said those few simple words lifted her and gave her strength. So much strength that she used those words to pass on inspiration to another friend who was also uplifted. She thanked me for helping her and her friend at a time they needed it most. To be honest, I didn’t remember exactly what I had said, but I do remember being very present with her, listening to her, feeling compassion and giving reassurance that she was OK just the way she is.

Another client shared that she reads every word of my e-mails and how much she loved them. She said I was “creating good karma” by sharing with my customers. I am so grateful to these women for sharing their experience and letting me know I made a difference in their lives. You may not know which of the interactions with others today will make an impact on someone. But I want you to know this, if you open your heart in every situation you find yourself in today, and you choose the path of love and understanding, your life and those you touch will be blessed. These ladies decided to “pay it forward” when they found peace in something another said or did. Open your heart and see what gifts are in store for you today!

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