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So much exciting stuff has been happening ya’ll.

I can hardly contain myself! I know that many of you are home, with little ones under foot, or school age children that you desperately trying to home school while you try to work, or file for unemployment (isn’t that a big  mess?) . Some of you may be struggling with trying to keep your teens or even your parents at home at safe! I know that this Great Pause has really been a challenge for so many. But you know what? In many ways, we have really been blessed. How often do we get the opportunity to take the time to be with our families for an entire month?

We can look at this as blessing or a curse. Depending on our frame of mind, our glass can be half empty or half full. Even though we can’t see how this is going to end yet, we have to have faith that everything is going to be ok and that we will get through this together!

At Serenity Spa, even though we’re closed, we are doing our part to stay positive, and to bring wonderful and helpful content to you each and every week! We will continue to do so until we can reopen and serve your Skin Care, Stress and Pain Relief and Relaxation needs in Person!

Here’s what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up next:

Best Acne Treatment Our next Event is scheduled for Monday, April 20th at 7:00 pm. Britany will be answering questions about Acne causes, treatment protocols, product recommendations and more! You can register to attend the event live on Zoom\ or you can hop on the Facebook live here

If you can’t make the event live, but have a question, send it to us at serenityspainfo@gmail.com. We will answer it Monday. The recording will be available on our website Tuesday morning!

All of our Lives are recorded and you can search for them on our new Searchie tool! Click the link and check it out! You can search for any of our videos by search term-like Facial, Facebook Live, Massage, Denise or Britany! Searchie will pull up any video and take you right to the place that word was used. It’s pretty cool!

Here a few Videos of our last Events! Hope you like them!

Do it Yourself Mini Facial with  Serenity Spa Esthetician Britany Henderson


Ask Me Anything- With Serenity Spa Esthetician Britany Henderson All your questions about Skin Care, Treatments, Products, Pores and more!


Denise Interviews  Chris Diaz of Lacuna Botanicals about CBD- How it helps with Pain Relief, Stress , Anxiety and more!


How to Give a Neck and Back Massage (like a PRO!) with Serenity Spa Owner and Massage Therapist-Denise Willinger

Hope to see you on Monday!!


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