Ultimate Facial: Age Gracefully? Not I! I am going kicking and screaming!

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Contributed by Candace Clayton
Oh the glorious, unappreciated days of youth. I remember them well. The firm, glowing skin, no thoughts of lines or skin discoloration. The unfounded belief that this time of blissful beauty will last forever and then, the unthinkable happened.

It started with very tiny lines around my eyes. Then, my pretty pink cheeks began to fade. Then, horror of horrors, my skin became blotchy. I found myself staring in the mirror on a daily basis. Every day I found a new sign that the days of my youth were leaving me behind. In near despair, I reached out to the one woman who had consoled me from the day I arrived on this planet… my Mother.

Her advice? It happens to us all at some time. Accept it gracefully and move on. Usually my Mother’s pearls of wisdom are music to my saddened heart. Not this time. Age gracefully my big toe!

So, I started trying every anti-aging crème I could find. I tried them all. Did they help? Sorrowfully, I admit, they did not. The mirror told me I was wasting my time and putting a sizable dent in my cash flow. I was just about to give up and accept my Mother’s advice, when my husband, that dear, sweet man, gave me a surprise gift of a Series of 6 Ultimate Facials at Serenity Spa in Anchorage.

I had never had a facial before. Let me just say that it was a wonderful and rejuvenating experience. I returned home from first facial at Serenity feeling like a whole, new woman.

The next day, I headed anxiously for the mirror. Would there be any noticeable changes? Much to my extreme relief, there was a definite difference. After 6 months, my friends kept asking if I’d had a face lift! No knives, just the magic of rapid exfoliation through the Ultimate Facial and Prescription Skin Care products!

Now, instead of purchasing useless do-it-yourself anti-aging treatments, I treat myself to facials regularly. Age gracefully? I will. However, I will continue to maintain my youthful glow for as long as I am able with the help of the wonderful staff at Serenity.

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