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Way back in February of this year, I was nominated in the Today’s Woman Magazine “Most Admired Woman” Contest. It was an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award with a highly regarded local magazine. I really didn’t think I had much of a chance to win, but being a business owner, I thought, Hey, free advertising! So I accepted the nomination. Amber, our wonderful receptionist/social media director did an amazing job of promoting the contest to our customers on Facebook, Instagram and to our email list.

The voting took place throughout February and on March 1, I got a call from Cathy Zion, the publisher of Today’s Woman that I had won in my category!! Oh my. I was so excited. She told me that I would be featured in the June issue of the magazine, have a photo shoot and an article written and then there would be an award ceremony for all the winners as well!

It was all so exciting and such an honor to be a part of this group of high achieving women. There are 12 categories. My category is Beauty/Fashion. That makes sense, considering we are a Spa. You would think that, being in the Spa industry as long as I have that being photographed or interviewed to represent the Beauty/Fashion category would be no big deal, right? I mean, that’s my business. Honestly, though, most of us in this industry are so busy taking care of everyone else, we rarely have time to take care of ourselves.

So here were my first thoughts: “Oh crap, I better do something with my skin before this photo shoot” “How much weight can I lose before they take these pictures” and when I found out they wanted us to wear pink!! “Nobody my size looks good in pink. Can’t I just wear black?”

From the photo shoot-It was so much fun!!

After my initial freak out, I finally went shopping and found something pink I could wear (with black!) Then I gave myself a little peel and treated myself to a gel manicure and lash extensions. As a blonde, my brows and lashes are so light and thin that it takes a ton of work to make them look thick. Lash extensions looked so nice and were great to wear on vacation, too. I didn’t have to wear mascara at all. Although that decision didn’t turn out to be one of the best I’ve ever made-they actually broke my lashes off a few weeks after the award ceremony (thankfully not before!) Check out this video about how much I  love the product I used to fix them!! Highly recommend. My lashes are longer NOW than when I wore extensions!!

The whole experience was so wonderful. From being nominated, to winning. Then, being pampered and having a professional make up artist and photo shoot at the Today’s Woman headquarters. The highlight of the entire experience was getting to accept the award on a stage and to speak to the group to share who I admire the most. All of the women who spoke that night were so inspiring. We were all brought to tears so many times by the stories that were shared.

I am so grateful to the editorial staff of Today’s Woman Magazine for nominating me and to our customers, family and friends for voting. This was the experience of a lifetime and I am honored and humbled that I got to be part of such an elite group of inspiring women. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

You can read the article here

You can listen to me cry through my speech here!

I was really excited!

Denise Willinger

Denise Willinger

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