Skin Care Tips for Wearing a Mask

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Is Wearing a Mask Freaking out Your Skin?!

Now that Masks are mandatory in most public places, more of us are wearing them to help protect ourselves and others from contracting Covid 19. If you work in a job that requires a mask, you may have to wear it for up to 8 or 10 hours A DAY!

Has wearing a mask for longer periods of time freaked out your skin? At Serenity Spa, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended, tee hee!)

Our Manager and awesome Esthetician, Britany Henderson recently shared this live video on our Facebook page. She shares the products you need to keep your skin healthy when wearing a mask (AND what to do if it Freaks OUT!)

She’ll share what mask acne is and the best acne skin care products, too.

You can read more about it here

You can watch the video here!!

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Thanks for visiting our page and STAY SAFE!

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