Self Care Sunday!!

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Happy Sunday!!

If you're like me, Sundays are the perfect day to do a little Self Care! I thought I would share this perfect Self Care Sunday routine with the amazing Warmies™ and FarmHouse Fresh Body products-to inspire you to relax, and take care of YOU for a change (instead of everyone else right!?)

1. Relax  with a soothing bath with our Rosemary Mint Tea Mineral Bath Soak. Not a bath kinda girl (or guy!) take a luxurious shower and exfoliate with our Muscadine Moonshine Body Polish!  

2. While your skin is still damp, apply the Blushing Agave Body Oil head to toe!

3. Put on a comfy robe and grab your Warmies Eye mask, neck or back wrap and slippers. While the Warmies heat up in the microwave (just 2-3 minutes at a time, you don't want to overheat them!) apply our amazing Honey Heel Glaze to your feet. Wrap your feet in plastic wrap and then slip in to your Warmies Booties! Doesn't that warmth feel amazing??

4. Grab your phone, your neck and eye wrap and head to the couch or bed. Next you'll want to find the perfect relaxing meditation. Here's a playlist with some of my favorites. You can also try the Frequency Optimization of the Inner Voice with an AO Scan ( an amazing new product we are using at our Spa that uses advanced  Biofeedback technologies and energy healing frequencies for vibrant health and well being!) Book a FREE INNER VOICE Session with me here.

5. If you want a little pampering for your face, too, you can apply one of our masks, or just sit back, relax and let the meditation take you away.

6. After your meditation session, massage the rest of the Honey Heel Glaze in to your feet, enjoy a lovely cup of hot tea and enjoy your afternoon knowing you've taken the steps to give yourself the care and attention you deserve!

Enjoy your Self Care Sunday! 

Love and Light-



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