Put your pretty pink toes on the dash… A Spring Break checklist

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toesOk, I admit it, i’ve been listening to country music.

Even though I don’t put my toes on the dash very often, that cute country song sparks memories of lazy summer days and spring break frolics of long ago. Spring Fever has officially struck and I think most of us are really ready for SPRING!!! Heres a little checklist of spa services that can help you get ready for Spring Break!

1. First and foremost, a fantastic pedicure will help you be ready for those fabulous spring days when we dig the flip flops out from the back of the closet, but is a necessity before hitting the beach! Be sure to go to a reputable salon that is diligent about sanitation. The new spring colors will help you banish the winter blues, even if you’re staying home on spring break!

2. A leg, underarm and or bikini wax should also be on your list to be beach ready for spring break. Let the hair grow to at least a 1/4 inch and be sure not to use any oils or lotions on the day of your wax. Oh, and please be kind to your esthetician-dont go the gym right before you go in for your appointment! Ewww, we really hate that!!

3. Have a Body Wrap or Cellulite Treatment to reduce the appearance of Cellulite a few days before you go. Inch loss wraps and treatments like Pure Light or Cellusleek work on the lymphatic system to help you lose inches quickly. They are also great at helping firm the skin, but it does take more time. If you you want firmer skin on the body, start a month or two before your vacation.

4. Have a Glycolic Peel Facial about a week before you go. It will leave your skin silky smooth and glowing, plus helps reduce breakouts. You want to avoid the sun at least 24 hours after a peel, so plan accordingly.

5. Stock up on the correct sunscreen for your skin type! Your esthetician has many options for all different skin types. There are chemical and physical sunscreens, each formulated for different skin. If you use the wrong type for your skin, you may end up with blemishes or even a nasty rash! Consult the experts on this one to be sure you are protected.

6. Get a Massage on the first day of your vacation! Massage will help you relax and unwind more quickly than a Margarita, and is healthier, too!

Have a great vacation and be sure to use sunscreen, drink plenty of water and you will be sure to come back refreshed, renewed and ready for summer!!

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