Post Menopausal Micro-Needling Facial

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This Month’s Featured Facial!

Micro-Needling treatments can correct loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles and more

Micro-Needling treatments can correct loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles and more

Facial Special- $50 off  Post Menopausal Micro-Needling Facials Only $200 this month!!


Visible change in  skin with just one treatment! Micro-Needling technique plus Nature Pure Stem Cell Products give you a smoother texture and reduced lines and wrinkles immediately. A Series of 3 Facials can make serious change in your skin! Book the Micro-Needling Facial today!

  • Re-educating skin cells back to a youthful state.
  • Reversing aging by enabling internal balance through Phyto-hormones
  • Immediate visible results
  • Wrinkle smoothing, anti-aging and health benefiting treatment
  • Increases absorption of wrinkle filler actives by 400%.

What is Micro Needling?

Micro needling is based upon thousands of years of acupuncture technology and is an effective way to treat a variety of skin concerns as well as change the skin in only one treatment! During this facial, the esthetician uses a roller with 540 small, diamond shaped needles to create tiny channels deep into the dermis of skin, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. The active ingredients of the skincare products can then reach into the depth of the skin more effectively than by simply applying the products topically. Basically, the needles create a delivery system for the products.  The technology also helps stimulate collagen production and can increase the thickness of the skin by up to 8%, making this great for anti-aging as well as helping problematic skin.

The process is not painful (almost a tickling sensation) and the needles are made of medical grade surgical steel which is thoroughly sanitized between clients.


Who can benefit from Micro Needling?

Anyone who wants to see a change in their skin.  This procedure is great for anti-aging, scarring, and acne prone skin.  There is no downtime between treatments, so they can be done close together for a quicker change or up to 4 weeks apart for maintenance.


Who shouldn’t Micro Needle?

Anyone with active, open, cystic acne.  This facial is gentle enough for acne prone skin, but should not be done on skin that is currently experiencing an active breakout.


Will I bleed during this treatment?

Serenity is a spa, not a medical treatment center.  The needles we use are .25 in thickness and are attached to a roller that contains about 540 needles, however, they cannot penetrate or open the skin.  We are dealing with the epidermis and dermis on this level and the needles may leave the skin a bit pink or flushed, but there will be no bleeding and no bruising or swelling associated with this facial.


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