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Kimberly Migraine Relief Testimonial

A Success Story-

I’d like to introduce you to Kimberly.  A few months ago, we met on Zoom to address her concern about her headaches, which she had been experiencing daily for months. Sometimes, the headache would progress into a full-blown migraine, and she would need to take medication and spend the entire day in a dark room before she got relief.

During our session, I did an assessment of her alignment first. Her occipital ridge was definitely out of alignment, with one side a half-inch higher than the other side. One shoulder was also higher than the other, suggesting that her ergonomics needed attention. Her hips were a bit off as well, again, one side higher than the other.

Quantum Touch in Action!

While Kim was standing, I did a Quantum Touch Energy Healing Technique to balance the spine, from the occipital ridge, through the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebra, the muscles of the neck, shoulders, hips, and lower back.

During the 5 minutes of running the energy, I could see that her body was adjusting itself by the movement happening (often during this technique, the body will sway or tilt). Kimberly could feel the movement as well.

When we reassessed the balance of the occipital ridge, shoulders, and hips, everything was in balance.

I then taught Kimberly some exercises that she could do to help the muscles stay relaxed and prevent further tightness, which was contributing to the headaches.

The next day, I sent a recap of our session and an Action Plan with her next steps that included a progressive relaxation technique to retrain her muscles, how to set an intention for self-healing, and a link to The Stress Buster Solution Course so she can continue learning about how to keep her body in alignment.  She happily reported, "You are just the BEST. Thank you! And FYI -- it's been over a day and no headache here! :)"

Ten days later, I checked in with Kimberly, and she responded with enthusiasm and relief: “Would you believe that I have not had a SINGLE headache since our call? You are a miracle worker."

Did the results last??

Six weeks later, Kimberly had just moved to a new state and had a cross-country drive - a headache-inducing process for sure!  But Kimberly reported, "I am doing great actually. I wasn't even headachy while moving, which was very stressful. I sit at the same desk and in the same chair, so it was definitely the alignment work that helped!  I don't even need to do the exercises all that often...Just on long days!"

Does it sound almost unbelievable that Kimberly could have received such extensive relief from a 5-minute Zoom session (when we were thousands of miles apart physically)?  Remember that it’s not just about the session - it’s about the follow-up.  Kimberly continued to heal her own body through exercises, reducing her stress, and setting intentions...and her body and mind thanked her for it!

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Love and light,


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