Lash extensions vs Grande Lash? No Comparison!!

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If you read my post about the Most Admired Woman Magazine photo shoot and Award Ceremony, you know that I got to have a photo shoot and be featured in the Magazine, as well as accept an award at the ceremony in June. It was such a wonderful experience, such an honor, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the experience. (You can read about it here) I was a little freaked about being on the cover of a magazine so I decided to treat myself and got lash extensions.

I absolutely loved them! I wore them for several months, during the photo shoot, to the Awards ceremony, and even on vacation to Aruba. It was so wonderful not wearing mascara at the beach. Especially having blonde eyelashes, which are really thin and sparse, even if you have them tinted. They just never really look thick like people who have darker lashes.

I also wear contacts, so not having as much eye makeup on was really great. Until it wasn’t! One night, my eyes were just bothering me. With lash extensions, you have to be really careful about the way you clean your lashes. You never, ever rub them! I had been so careful to baby those lash extensions and then, that night my eyes were burning so much that after removing my contacts, I rubbed them and then bam! lashes came off in my hand.

Today's Woman Magazine MAW

Today’s Woman Magazine MAW

Grande Lash really works

Top photo is a close up of the MAW photo wearing lash extensions. Bottom photo is a selfie of my natural lashes after using Grande lash for 2 months. Holy Moly-My lashes are long!!

I looked in the mirror and my worst nightmare had happened. My lashes had actually broken off. They were only millimeters long in one section. It looked terrible. I was devastated. I had to have them all taken off. It wasn’t the fault of my lash person, it was totally my fault. But nonetheless, I had to do something and quick. I mean, I work at a Spa and I did not want my lashes to look bad for months while they grew out

We had Grande Lash sitting there on our front desk. Our customers had been raving about it. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot. After only 3 weeks, my lashes were grown back out. I kept using the product and now, Holy moly, my lashes are ridiculous! They have never been this long!







If you want longer, thicker lashes, start using this product right away. You will not be disappointed.

It comes in a 3 month or 6 month supply. We also carry their mascara, lash primer, brow  and lip products. Stop by or call us  at 502-245-6484 to order yours today!


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