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Trying our best to stay safe during a Global Pandemic isn’t always easy is it? At Serenity Spa, we are following all of the State and Federal Guidelines, and using the science of how a virus can spread to mitigate the chance of spreading Covid 19.

In this video, our Estheticians share what we are doing during in person services to help keep you safe! For those who aren’t ready to get a Facial, yet-we hear you and we totally get it! We’ve got something special for you, too.

You can check out our Services Menu and  book any of our Facial Services here.

Our most popular services are the Specialized Treatment Facial and Dermaplane Facial. Both are excellent choices to change the skin, but still keep you safe.

If you’re still not ready for in person services just yet, but want an expert opinion on a Skin Care Concern, what products to use (or you just need someone to help you make sense of the products you have!) you’re going to want to book a FREE Virtual consultation with our Manager and Esthetician Britany Henderson. Normally, this consultation is $35, but we are GIVING IT TO YOU AS A GIFT– you can book it here now!

You can call us anytime at 502-245-6484 for more information, to purchase products or gift cards, or to book a service.We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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