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The other day I got a call from a good friend that I’ve known for years. She’s a Nurse at a local Hospital. She’s struggled with low back pain and sciatica for years. I haven’t seen her in a while, but she’s one of those friends that, even though you haven’t spoken in years, as soon as you see each other, it’s just like old times!

When Beth called, I picked up the phone right away, happy to see her name on the caller id. Immediately, though, I could hear the desperation and fear in her voice. “Denise”, she said,”I know you had to close the Spa, but are you doing any massages at all?” “Hi Beth! What’s going on? How are you? ” I asked. She said, “Not good, I’m having so much back pain and my chiropractor is closed. We’re working so much, it’s really bad, Denise, I can’t see my granddaughter, we have patients in isolation and… I’m just so afraid-Are you doing any massage at all? I really need help.”

I could tell she was really hurting and was desperate for help. I explained to her that I was not able to see her in person- I have grandchildren too. So I am taking the shelter in place directive seriously. My husband and I have not been in contact with anyone! Not even our children and grandchildren!!

Quantum Touch Virtual Session

So I told her, here’s what I CAN do-”Are you at work?” She said “Yes”. I told her to go to her office and we could FaceTime. “There are some Quantum Touch Energy Healing techniques I can do that will help you feel better right away. Can you do that?” She sounded skeptical, but said she could. So a few minutes later, she closed the office door and we were on FaceTime together.

I had her prop her phone up and stand it in front of something, so I could see her entire body, then had her turn around and put her thumbs on the occipital ridge, at the back of her head. I could see that it was very unbalanced. I asked her if she could feel the difference between where her right and left thumbs were. She said “Yes, one is higher than the other.” I told her “Correct, Your occipital ridge is not balanced. We’ll correct that. Now put your hands on your hips.” Again, one hip was higher than the other.

I don’t think she believed it was going to work!

Next, I had her turn around and face me. I told her to just relax, and I was going to do distance healing with the intention of balancing her Occipital Ridge, her Spine and her Hips. “You may feel your body move, you may not, either way is fine. If you feel any dizziness, sit down, OK?” She said hesitantly, “OK”. (I don’t think she really believed this was going to work, lol!)

I ran distance energy, (Just like we teach in Quantum Touch Level 1). I asked if she could feel her body moving. She said, “not really”. I said, “that’s ok, it doesn’t mean it’s not working!” After a few minutes, I asked her to turn around and measure again. Both measurements were perfectly even! “How does your back feel, Beth?” I asked. She said, “You know, at first I didn’t really feel anything, but then it got really warm , especially right here (she pointed to her hip) and now it feels better!

Fear or Love

“Good!” I said, “OK, Now sit down and I’m going to teach you a technique to help you deal with stress and protect yourself while you’re working.” I took Beth through a breathing technique to help keep her grounded and calm, and to help raise her vibration. By raising our energetic vibration, we can boost our immune system, protect the body, and help balance the emotional state.

I told her when you really break it down, there are only two emotions-Fear or Love. You can’t live in both at the same time. I taught her a simple technique to switch from Fear mode to Love. She and all of the other Health Care Workers are going to need to be able to protect themselves, to keep their vibration high to be able continue the fight against the Coronavirus on the Front Lines! Yes, they need more protective equipment, gloves, masks, gowns-but they also need US- the Quantum Touch community, the Light Workers to help them.

When I got off the phone with Beth, I told my husband how much my heart went out to her when we were working together. It was just a 15 minute session-but it was so powerful and made me realize how important this work is. That YES, I can do this! I have something that can really help people right now. 

How can I help?

By offering Quantum Touch Virtual Sessions by Zoom or FaceTime. By teaching Virtual Quantum Touch Classes. By sharing my Free Resources Hub with videos and guides to teach you how to relieve stress and raise your vibration with quick and easy stretches or self massage techniques.

We’re in this Together!

There’s one thing that has really struck me about this whole situation. Everyone handles stress differently.  Some of us really, really need to help others. That’s the only way we can get through this, the only way we feel useful or needed. That’s how we’re wired. Others are freezing up and can’t move forward WITHOUT help. And that’s ok. It’s necessary!  Actually, it’s kind of perfect, isn’t it? We both need each other! 

Yesterday, Beth needed help, and I really needed to help her. We both connected on a really deep and spiritual level on that FaceTime call. I am so grateful for the love and friendship we have, but also that she was able to reach out to me when she needed help and that I had something that I could do that could help her. What a beautiful gift!

If you are a Helper, please find a way to help. If you need help, please find a way to ask for it. Especially those of you on the Front Lines! Heck-if you really need help, call or text me-my number is 502-548-7230. I’ll be happy to do a session for you, just like I did for Beth. We’re all in this together and the more we connect and help one another, the quicker we can get through it! Together!

Much love and light to all of you!!


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