Fun Stuff Happening at Serenity Spa!!

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We have so much exciting stuff happening at Serenity, its hard to keep up with it all! Yes, we’ve been closed since March 17th, but since then, we’ve actually done two Zoom Meetings that were also Live-streamed on Facebook!

The first was a Mini-facial with your Manager and AH-MAZING Esthetician Britany Henderson and her sweet Give a massage like a prodaughter Addie! Britany did an incredible job showing our customers how they can give themselves a great Facial at home!

Last week, we did ASK ME ANYTHING-Britany did a Question and Answer session about Skin Care and she held nothing back!! As a matter of fact-I just wrote up all the Q and A’s on a Google doc and (are you ready??) IT’S 14 PAGES!! You can read the Google Doc here  or if you’re visual and want to watch the video, I have more exciting news!!

We have a new tool on our website called Searchie! It’s a Video Search Engine that stores and transcribes ALL of our Facebook Lives! I’m even uploading all of the videos I’ve created over the last year that are on our Youtube channel too! So keep checking back-we’ll keep adding content. Where is this amazing tool, you ask? It’s below, under Archives, as well as to the right.  Anywhere you see this text-Serenity Spa Video Search – Click Below to Search by Keyword! Just click and watch the magic happen! (It’s so cool!)

So I hope you have fun watching the videos- and please sign up for our next two Zoom Meetings!

How to Give a Neck and Back Massage (like a PRO!) with Serenity Spa Owner and Massage Therapist-Denise Willinger

Tuesday, April 7 at 7 pm

Ask Me Anything! with Chris Diaz of Lacuna Botanicals–Our Source for The Ultimate CBD Massage and Spa Products

Tuesday, April 14 at 7 pm

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