Feel Great All the Time, Even When Sh@# Hits the Fan!

Energy Healing Quantum Touch

What if you could learn a technique, that could help you feel calm, peaceful, and  that everything is always going to be okay- even when sh@# is hitting the fan (or you're in the middle of a global pandemic!)

Hi there! I'm Denise Willinger, Owner of Serenity Spa. I'm also a Quantum Touch Energy Healing Instructor and I teach classes that can help you learn to heal yourself and others, quickly, easily  in a short weekend virtual  course (or even a 2 hour Mini Class)!

Massage Therapists and Hypnotherapists can even get CEU's by taking the class. That's an awesome bonus, but what's been most important to me, after learning this technique, isn't that I can help my friends, family coworker and clients align their spine and reduce pain. It's that I FEEL GOOD-almost all the time! If I start to fell a little down, or overwhelmed, or I have a little pain (rare) all I have to do is take some Self Care time running energy on my own body, or sending to whoever or whatever  I'm concerned about!

Check out the video below to learn more.  I made it on my Birthday-because I was feeling so good, even though we were only open two weeks, and one of my team was sick- I still felt like everything was going to be okay! So I wanted to share this gift with everyone! I also share a little about a NEW mini class-where you can learn some of these techniques in just 2 Hours! Let me know what you think, and if you want to know more, send me a message or an email! Or click here to see our upcoming classes.

Namaste friend! Stay healthy.

Love and Light- Denise


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